That time I got to be on one of my favorite podcasts…

In a year where a lot of cool things have happened, this was definitely one of the highlights.

Being on a podcast I’ve been listening to regularly for nearly seven years is an incredible honor. I was only a freshmen in college when I started listening. I hadn’t yet had the confidence to try to make weird personal films, and the few podcasts I listened to served as little more than just entertainment.

Podcasts like Battleship Pretension showed me that it’s okay to be into things that go against the grain, mainstream and otherwise. There’s no reason to not stand behind your opinions, and there’s certainly no reason to be afraid to express your own point of view. 

So thank you to Tyler and David for having me on the show. But mostly, thank you for keeping the podcast running for nearly 400 episodes.

You can hear the episode at the link below or download it via iTunes.


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